Update: CBA Negotiation Sessions 6

Update: CBA Negotiation Sessions 6

As you know, the University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC) and National Nurses Organizing Committee/National Nurses United (NNOC/NNU) continue to meet regularly as we negotiate terms for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Our time together is always productive, as we discuss important topics that are critical to your experience, safety and satisfaction. Today we’ve begun reviewing matters related to compensation and on-call time.

These are both important subjects, so I want to take this moment to walk through our approach.

UCMC believes in providing fair and equitable compensation and benefits. Our comprehensive package and collaborative work environment reward your performance, support your professional growth and attract high-performing people like you to join our team.

Our approach to compensation is guided by the belief that you – our incredible team of highly skilled professionals – are the heartbeat of our organization and the reason we are able to provide the safe, exceptional care our patients and community need.

All nurses and other employees – those who are not represented by the NNU/NNOC and those who are – currently enjoy the same benefits and retirement package, including the same employee premium contributions.

We continue to believe that on-call should not be used to staff hours that are normally needed for patient care. But like other hospitals, on-call time remains necessary to ensure that we are always able to provide the care our patients need when on-duty resources are not sufficient or lack the right specialized skills. We will review NNOC/NNU’s proposal with an eye toward striking the right balance.

We value you, your time and your skills and are committed to ensuring you have the support and resources you deserve to care for our patients. I cannot promise we’ll see eye-to-eye on the proposals that NNU/NNOC representatives have introduced today. What I can guarantee is that we’ll review them thoroughly and ensure your compensation accurately reflects the significant contributions you make to our organization and is part of our UCMC-wide strategic approach to compensation and benefits. We also are dedicated to ensuring call time continues to be used thoughtfully.

I can also commit to you that we will continue bargaining respectfully and in good faith as we work through these important issues. Everyone at UCMC wants to reach a new CBA that is fair and equitable and allows us to continue delivering the high-quality, compassionate and affordable care in a safe environment that our patients expect and deserve.

We will continue to update you on the facts about negotiations throughout this process.

Thank you for everything you do to serve our patients, one another and all members of our care teams.