NNOC/NNU’s Inappropriate Actions

NNOC/NNU’s Inappropriate Actions

By now many of you have heard about NNOC/NNU’s latest actions to disrupt and delay contract negotiations. I know I don’t need to remind you that you’ve been working without a contract since April and that NNOC/NNU has failed to make any response to UCMC’s economic proposals for two months.  NNOC/NNU has focused instead on picketing our patients, filing frivolous regulatory claims that have been dismissed, and soliciting strike pledges.

NNOC/NNU promised to finally talk about your wages and benefits this morning for the first time since we made our proposal for you in early June.  When we arrived at the table, the Union instead ignored UCMC nurses and attempted to bargain on behalf of Ingalls nurses (whom they do not currently represent).  UCMC refused to participate in these antics, which only continue to delay a contract for you. Because it was clear that NNOC/NNU was not here for you, we declined to continue and ended negotiations for the day.

We are extremely disappointed by NNOC/NNU’s tactics, which disrespect the negotiations process and our time and good faith efforts, as well as undermine our ability to be productive. But what disappoints me the most is how this publicity stunt doesn’t respect our nurses – including the newly represented nurses who voted for this Union in November but have nothing to show for it.

Bargaining will resume on August 22.  When it does, we hope that NNOC/NNU will show some interest in a contract for you, not strikes, not picketing, not frivolous charges, not press conferences, and not NNOC/NNU’s daily demands that nurses pledge to walk out on their patients and the community.

You and our patients deserve better.