Update on Negotiations with NNOC/NNU

Update on Negotiations with NNOC/NNU

The bargaining teams from UCMC and NNOC/NNU met with a federal mediator today as planned.

The union began the day by stating that the union has never threatened a second strike and took issue with suggestions that it ever has. That is contrary to the union’s public statements.  Read the Hyde Park Herald story here and listen to a WBEZ interview here. But if NNOC/NNU no longer intends to call on you to walk out on patients again, we welcome the union’s change of position.

NNOC/NNU did not come to negotiations with any proposals this morning. UCMC brought a comprehensive package of proposals that set forth its position on all the remaining issues and walked the union through those when we met this morning.

The union’s committee then spent several hours preparing a proposal. Unfortunately, the union’s proposals put us even further apart than we were before the strike.

We will meet again tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued professionalism and focus on our patients during this difficult period.