Update on Town Halls and NNOC/NNU Negotiations

Update on Town Halls and NNOC/NNU Negotiations

Sadly, we are running out of time with NNOC/NNU’s strike now less than five days away.  I would urge each of you to join peers from across the organization and attend one of the Town Halls scheduled to provide updates on UCMC’s plans to care for patients impacted by the union’s strike. The Town Halls are scheduled for Monday at 7:30 a.m. in P-117; Tuesday at 7:45 a.m. in P-117; Wednesday at noon in P-117; and Thursday at noon in L-168. Outlook calendar invitations have been sent to you.

Based on the most recent communications from the NNOC/NNU, I feel the need to set the record straight so you have the facts.

As you know, I don’t typically attend bargaining sessions in person. However, as the NNU’s bargaining team had promised to provide a comprehensive response Saturday morning after keeping everyone waiting for a week, I hoped for meaningful progress and took time out from planning our strike response to attend and review what the union presented. This is what happened:

  • The Medical Center bargaining team arrived well before the planned 10 a.m. start time ready to receive a proposal from the NNOC/NNU team in San Francisco.
  • The Federal Mediator arrived at UCMC on time as well.  As we waited for the union, the bargaining team and I walked him through UCMC’s proposals. Then we waited, and waited. When nothing came from the union to review, I eventually left to focus on patient care strike preparations.
  • After 10 hours of waiting, just before 9 p.m., the Medical Center finally received proposals from the NNOC/NNU bargaining team.
  • The union then left to attend a conference awards dinner in San Francisco, effectively ending discussions.
  • The Medical Center’s team and the Federal Mediator stayed at UCMC and worked until midnight. They discovered that many of the proposals from the union reopened issues that had been resolved and moved us further apart, not closer.
  • UCMC had been prepared to meet Sunday. There was no bargaining because the union team indicated it had long flights back to Chicago after its conference ended.

Ask questions and draw your own conclusions.

Both sides will return to the bargaining table with the Federal Mediator on Monday, and I will continue to update you on our negotiations. I implore union leaders, as I have before, to move past their national agenda, compromise and meet us half way.

Many nurses have said they don’t want to strike.  Others no doubt support walking out.  Others may still have questions about why the union called a strike after agreeing to eight more bargaining dates. I have been asked if we could remind nurses of the nursing leaders, nurses, and union representatives on each side’s bargaining team.

Here is that list:

UCMC Bargaining Team

NNOC/NNU Bargaining Team

Alecia Coe

Helen Bernard

Lattoya Jefferson

Grazyna Cohen

Sarah Kundrat

Terri Collins

Jeff Murphy

Talisa Hardin

Raynette Puck-Maisura

Cincerlyn Lewis

Tamia Walker

Brigitt Manson

Sally Walton

Kathy McDaniel

Elaine Mister

Lisa Sandoval

Pamela Valentine

Johnny Webb

Marti Smith, Union Midwest Director

Cindy Loudin, Union Business Agent

Tracy Kurowski, Union Business Agent

Everyone has the right to advocate for their patients and be heard. But only union leaders can stop this strike.  Thank you for your continued professionalism and focus on our patients during this difficult period.