Update on Negotiations with NNOC/NNU

Update on Negotiations with NNOC/NNU

UCMC and NNOC/NNU bargaining teams met with a federal mediator again today.

UCMC provided a comprehensive response to a proposal that the union provided yesterday.  On the issue of economics, UCMC indicated as it has before that it needed to see movement from the union on sunsetting incentive pay for new hires.  The parties reviewed the facts on which the parties agree: this is an outdated program from the 1990s created for a nursing shortage; there is no nursing shortage now; and incentive earnings for current nurses would not be reduced. The Medical Center again asked the union to identify other hospitals that pay incentives for extra hours.  The union could not identify any.

UCMC provided the union a new non-economic offer.  That offer included new proposals regarding OR Team leads, float teams (including float team support for newly represented nurses), holiday scheduling, vacation and review of call policies by the Acuity Committee. UCMC rejected revised NNOC/NNU proposals on staffing, a preference for less qualified nurses if they had more seniority and on-call time.

NNOC/NNU said it would work on a counter proposal tonight or later this week. To expedite negotiation progress, UCMC asked the union to email a copy to UCMC this week so that UCMC could have a response prepared for the start of the next negotiating session.  NNOC/NNU said it would hold its proposal until the parties meet in person on October 10.

We will meet again on October 10 and 11.

This has been a trying time for everyone at the Medical Center, and I realize it will take time to heal the wounds caused by the strike.  We continue to thank everyone for focusing on our patients and our shared commitment to excellent patient care.