Update on Negotiations with NNOC/NNU

Update on Negotiations with NNOC/NNU

Representatives from UCMC and the NNOC/NNU met today, with the help of a federal mediator, to try and reach a new Collective Bargaining Agreement for you. While we do not have any new agreements to report, both sides did discuss a number of topics, including issues relating to on-call and vacation, among others.

Like you, I wish the pace of progress was faster. To make collective bargaining work, both sides have to come together and be willing to negotiate. We continue to communicate that we are open to negotiations on a number of issues that we know are important to both sides.

Below are the upcoming bargaining dates. We hope the NNOC/NNU will agree to our request for more negotiating sessions.

  • October 28
  • November 7, 14, 22
  • December 11, 18.

I remain proud of the work you do on behalf of our patients and this institution, and I thank you for your ongoing professionalism during this difficult time. As always, we will continue to keep you informed as information becomes available.