Confusion Over Staffing Proposals

Confusion Over Staffing Proposals

In last night’s communication from the NNOC/NNU, union leaders made the following statement: On Nov. 7, UCMC proposed eliminating patient care support nurses who provide critical and expert level care to patients.  In other communications, bargaining team members have suggested that there would be a reduction in support.

Those statements are simply not accurate.  As such, I feel the need to clearly address what is on the table with regard to staffing and correct misstatements that have been made.

The facts:

  • Our proposal is not to reduce support for nurses by eliminating PCSNs, but instead to transition PCSNs to support nurses through an expansion of unassigned and reduced-assigned charge nurses and a new IV team.
  • To make those improvements possible, UCMC would still be adding resources over and above the transition of PCSNs to these new roles.
  • Specifically, UCMC would be adding more than 30 new positions across units to permit unassigned and reduced-assignment charge, and those additional charge nurse resources would be available around the clock, including weekends.
  • We additionally proposed to add 10 additional new positions to create a dedicated IV team that would be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support all nurses.
  • There are currently 24 weekday-only PCSN positions that support select units that would be transitioned.
  • Our proposal responded to the Union’s preference for unassigned and reduced-assignment charge over PCSNs.   The principle concern the Union raised was ensuring that existing PCSNs be guaranteed weekday-only jobs.
  • As most of you will recall, before the last strike, the Union indicated that UCMC’s offer to commit additional resources to support unassigned and reduced-assigned charge on many higher acuity and large units provided a sufficient basis to resolve these issues, only to have the Union then change its position to make the September strike about staffing.  Its latest offer seems to be returning to some of the concepts from the UCMC offer the Union rejected.

It is disappointing to see nurses misled to justify this latest job action.

Let me repeat: our proposal is to add positions — not remove them.

Our latest proposal and a side-by-side comparison of the facts are posted on

I urge you to take some time and go over this material.