UCMC Makes Significant Moves Toward Compromise

UCMC Makes Significant Moves Toward Compromise

Earlier today, representatives of UCMC and NNOC/NNU met for bargaining.  I said last week in a video message that now is the time for both sides to offer real compromises on core issues to reach a contract for you.  UCMC offered such a compromise today.

As you’ve heard us say, both sides have been meeting confidentially with a federal mediator since September to explore a path forward.  Today, UCMC asked to meet at the table and made a comprehensive economic and non-economic proposal.  Those proposals offered compromise and significant movement on several key issues designed to help us reach a contract.

We have heard from newly represented nurses who are eager to see how they fit into this bargaining process. Today’s proposals represent a significant step forward for that group, including a transition to a step system that parallels the process for inpatient nurses.

I want you to have a complete picture of the forward movement made today through the compromises UCMC offered. The full proposals will be available on UCMCnurses.org, with an overview of key issues below:

Economic Proposals

  • A Step System for Newly Represented Nurses: UCMC proposed a step system for newly represented nurses that accounts for their BSN and Masters degree status.  The details are set forth in UCMC’s proposals, which are being posted.
  • Higher Differentials for Newly Represented Nurses: UCMC proposed that newly represented nurses transition to the same differentials and other payments found in the contract (nights, evening, weekend, call pay, charge pay).
  • Wages: UCMC is prepared to offer larger base wage increases when the parties resolve how to sunset incentive for nurses hired after ratification. UCMC continues to offer increases of 7.25% over four years.  Nurses also would continue to receive step wage increases (3.5% average).  That means nurses receiving step can receive 5.25 to 5.5% per year and as much as 21.25% over 4 years with step.
  • Tuition Reimbursement: UCMC offered to negotiate with the Union over the schools to be included on the list of preferred providers and to allow an arbitrator to decide if the final list was reasonable if the two sides cannot agree.
  • Sunsetting Incentive for New Hires: UCMC again promised to offer larger base wage increases if the Union would compromise on a path to end incentive for nurses hired after ratification.

Non-Economic Proposals

  • A New IV Team and Further Reductions in Charge Assignments: UCMC proposed to create a new IV team with two nurses on every shift (including weekends) to support nurses.  UCMC proposed to further reduce patient assignments for charge nurses over the next 18 months.  PCSN roles would be converted to the IV team and additional unassigned and reduced assignment charge.
  • Other proposals for newly represented and other nurses: UCMC made a number of other new proposals, including offers to cover vacations for newly represented nurses as the float pool is expanded, agreement to Union proposals to give senior nurses preferences for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve scheduling, and giving more notice of schedule changes to newly represented nurses.
  • Late Lists and Call for Newly Represented Procedural Areas: UCMC offered a voluntary late list to reduce unpredictable late stays and cover emergent and late scheduled cases. Where call is needed to meet patient needs, it would be offered first to volunteers and only then to other nurses on an equitable basis.

This movement demonstrates our commitment to achieving a contract. We are hopeful that the Union will offer similar compromises we can bridge the gap on the remaining issues that divide us. Below are the upcoming seven scheduled bargaining dates:

  • November 11, 14, 21, 22, and 26
  • December 11, 18

Thank you for your dedication to our patients and the professionalism you bring to the practice of nursing at UCMC.