UCMC Offers to Continue the Current Incentive Pay Program for Current Nurses Who Receive it Now

UCMC Offers to Continue the Current Incentive Pay Program for Current Nurses Who Receive it Now

UCMC offered a significant compromise on incentive pay today when our bargaining team met with representatives of NNOC/NNU for negotiations.

Continuation of the Current Incentive Pay Program for All Current Nurses Who Receive It Now 

In an attempt to reach agreement, UCMC offered to continue the current incentive pay program as it is for all of you who currently receive it, a significant compromise from our earlier proposal to freeze incentive pay at its current level.

Under this proposal, all of you who were promised incentive pay would see it continue and grow under the current program without change. That includes growth due to step and base rate increases. That includes part-time nurses in an incentive-eligible role who pick up an extra shift or transition to full-time status.  Incentive would not be offered to nurses hired after ratification.  Incentive was first offered to encourage nurses to apply for full-time roles to overcome nursing shortages in the 1980s.  We no longer face a nursing shortage.

An Offer to Compromise on Wages if NNOC/NNU Will Compromise

UCMC again told the Union that it is still prepared to offer and negotiate for larger base wage increases for you if the Union will compromise with us on incentive for nurses hired after ratification.  UCMC is currently at 1.75%/1.75%/1.75%/2.0%. The Union is currently at 3%/3%/3%/3%.

A Pathway to Agreement on Staffing

  • Agreement on concepts for unassigned and reduced assignment charge.  UCMC first proposed moving toward unassigned and reduced assignment charge in early September.  We listened to those voices who said this was the best way to support nurses and patients.

Today, UCMC offered to accept NNOC/NNU’s proposals on how patient assignments for charge  nurses would be limited, ensuring that charge nurses on all units would have someone there to assist 7 days a week, not just on weekdays.

  • An IV team that can help all units and on all shifts, including weekends.  UCMC also offered to still roll out a dedicated IV team that would be available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • PCSNs who currently work only on weekdays would be redeployed to enable us to meet these goals, with priority placement for everyone currently in these roles.

UCMC asked the Union to assist in developing a timetable for the change.

Also today, both sides reached tentative agreements on several elements of a new contract:

  • Workplace safety and health
  • Holidays worked and holiday rotation
  • OR team leads
  • Low census
  • MSN degree

Over the past two bargaining sessions, both sides have made progress on achieving a contract. As a reminder, all of our proposals are available on the UCMCnurses.org website. We have six additional bargaining sessions scheduled to continue to forge similar compromises on the remaining issues:

  • November 14, 21, 22, and 26
  • December 11, 18

Thank you for your dedication to our patients and the professionalism you bring to the practice of nursing at UCMC.