Vote To Talk – Not Walk

Vote To Talk – Not Walk

On Wednesday, National Nurses Organizing Committee/National Nurses United (NNOC/NNU) is asking you to authorize a second strike despite recent continued progress toward agreement on a new contract.

This vote is about the path forward and whether that will involve compromise and negotiation or strikes and continued confrontation.

UCMC proposed over the last two weeks that both sides compromise on core issues and offered several ways to do that. That included offering to maintain the full incentive pay program for all current nurses who are eligible, keeping you whole while sun-setting the program for new hires.  There were also tentative agreements in several areas, including: workplace safety and health; holidays worked and holiday rotation; OR team leads off duty calls; low census; and MSN degree.  Those show that compromise can produce agreement.

The Union responded by once again calling on nurses to vote to strike and continue a process built on confrontation.

I ask you to vote your conscience on Wednesday: Vote to talk — not walk.

Voting no (against) a second strike will send a clear message that you want both teams to remain focused on the hard work of bargaining at the negotiating table — rather than planning for a second strike that could disrupt the holidays for nurses, UCMC’s remaining staff, and our patients.

Let me clear up a point of confusion: Wednesday’s vote is to authorize the Union to strike.  It is not a vote for or against UCMC’s current proposals or the Union’s current proposals. It is not a vote on a new contract.  The parties are still in negotiations.  Neither UCMC nor the Union has made a final offer yet, and UCMC has suggested it can make further movement on annual increases in particular if the Union accepts the compromises UCMC has offered.

Voting yes in tomorrow’s election would authorize Union leaders to call a second strike at any time and force you to walk out on your patients, reducing essential services to our community for a second time.  It will do nothing to advance dialogue.

Regardless of the outcome of NNOC/NNU’s strike vote tomorrow, we remain hopeful that the parties will come together on Thursday and on the remaining scheduled negotiating days ready to negotiate and reach a new contract for you at the bargaining table – and thus avoid NNOC/NNU once again taking you out on strike and away from your patients and colleagues at UCMC.  I will continue to keep you updated on those meetings.