Bargaining Update #10


Today we wrapped up our 10th bargaining session with the NNU and have moved to the next phase of negotiations focusing on economics. The union presented its initial economic proposal covering a number of areas, including wages, differentials, on-call bonuses, comp time, changes to vacation and sick time, credit for experience, and Patient Care Support Nurses.

In addition to economics, each side passed counterproposals and had productive discussions related to a number of topics, including:


  • Section 17.12 Preceptor Duty – adding daily preceptor pay for salaried nurses
  • Section 6.5 Preparation of Schedule – adding additional weeks to the annual vacation bid for more tenured nurses earning additional time


  • New Side Letter – L&D Scrub RN Team
  • New Side Letter – S.A.N.E. Team
  • Section 6.5 Preparation of Schedule

We also reached tentative agreements on the following proposals:

  • Section 6.7 Vacation Pay – added language related to donation of vacation time to other employees enduring a hardship
  • Section 11.2 Death in Family – added language related to granting bereavement or other paid time off for non-immediate family members or domestic partners
  • Side Letter – Completion of Late Stays – both sides agree that if a pattern of late-stays is identified in any area that a discussion on additional regular staff can occur at NPPCC

As we move into December and the holiday season, it’s a perfect time to reflect and be proud to work at an organization that cares for some of the most vulnerable patients in our region’s medically underserved area. And to fulfill our mission to Elevate the Human Experience through patient care, community service, teaching, and research, there is a need to attract and retain top-tier talent through competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package.

Our team will thoroughly review and work on a response to the union’s economics proposal, along with a few outstanding non-economic proposals. Negotiations inherently involve a lot of back and forth and eventually give and take from both sides throughout this journey. UCMC values the contributions of all nurses, from new grads to our most tenured, and we are committed to reaching an agreement that meets the needs of our nurses, our growing institution, the community, and the patients who rely on us.

We return to the table for our next session on Monday, December 4th, the first of four scheduled bargaining dates in December. In the meantime, we will continue to provide updates and I encourage you to check out for more details.

I hope everyone has a good evening!

Sarah L. Kundrat MSN, RN, NEA-BC
Executive Director, Ambulatory Nursing
Associate Chief Ambulatory Nursing Officer
UChicago Medicine