Bargaining Update #2

Dear Nursing Team Members,

Today we held our second collective bargaining session with the Union that represents our nurses (NNU) and UCMC.

During this bargaining session, UCMC shared responses and/or counterproposals to the NNU proposals from September 14, 2023, related to Union dues, NNU Representatives’ access to UCMC, Orientation, Leaves of Absence, Credit for Experience, Medical Examination, Resignation Notice, Death in the Family, Meeting Facilities, Posting of Notices and Transfers.

Our UCMC team made a proposal under Holiday Rotation and Christmas Eve/New Year’s Eve related to holiday shifts in perioperative & procedural areas to avoid undue burden on nurses.

I am happy to report that we reached verbal Tentative Agreements on Medical Examination and Union dues. The Union passed counterproposals on Leaves of Absence and Posting of Notices and held their position on the other proposals. The NNU passed a proposal on Workplace Violence Prevention and the UCMC team will spend time this evening, and into the coming week, reviewing this proposal.

Both sides appreciated the movement and sought clarity on each other’s responses/counterproposals. We all continue to work in good faith toward achieving a fair and equitable contract and we are looking forward to our next negotiation session schedule for October 3rd, 2023.

Sally Walton, DNP, MBA, RN, OCN, NEA-BC, FACHE,
Associate Chief Nursing Officer,
Executive Director, Patient Care Services