Bargaining Update #23

Dear Nursing Colleagues,

I once again had the opportunity to join the NNU and UCMC teams at the bargaining table today. Both teams passed updated economic proposals and presented contract language for the newly represented critical care outreach nurses. In addition, NNU passed a new package proposal on staffing and the 8S ICU team joined the NNU Bargaining Team today to discuss some of their recent challenges with staffing and workplace safety. I appreciated them sharing their personal experiences and we had a positive dialogue with them about areas of focus going forward.

However, after making so much progress during sessions earlier this month, we did not reach any new tentative agreements today.

We only have two remaining bargaining sessions scheduled: March 4th and 12th. I know that you all have a sense of urgency about resolving this contract and moving toward a tentative contract for ratification. Please know that I share your sense of urgency, as does the rest of the UCMC Bargaining Team. But the only way to get there is to continue coming to the bargaining table and doing the hard work and compromise that’s necessary for reaching a contract.

I remain hopeful that we will make more progress at the bargaining table in our upcoming two scheduled bargaining sessions, and, if necessary, add additional bargaining dates to the calendar.

Emily Chase, PhD, RN, NE-BC, FACHE,
Senior Vice-President, Patient Care Services,
Chief Nursing Officer