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Debra Albert, Chief Nursing Officer

Updates from our Chief Nursing Officer

  • I am pleased to announce that representatives from the University of Chicago Medical Center and the National Nurses Organizing Committee/National Nurses United reached a tentative agreement early Saturday morning on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. As a result of this agreement, the NNOC/NNU has called off its planned strike. Both sides have been working since March on a contract that not only recognizes the valuable contributions our nurses make to our organization, but also ensures...

  • Today was another bargaining session between representatives of UCMC and NNOC/NNU. The parties agreed today’s discussions would be confidential as both sides, with the help of a federal mediator, continue to explore pathways that could bring about a resolution. The two sides agreed to resume discussions tomorrow.

  • Since bargaining began in March, we have made transparency a top priority to ensure that you have all the facts. Just as we respect your abilities as clinicians, we also trust in your ability to arrive at your own conclusions when presented with all the facts. To that end, I can’t sit idly by in the face of an increasing campaign of misinformation from the NNOC/NNU and not respond. You need to know the facts:...

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